Dale Jordan Johnson

Hi, I'm Dale, aka Riverghost. I'm an artist & designer working in film, television, theater and gaming; a sometime photographer, occasional prop maker, unabashed video-game addict and all-round book junkie.


Here you’ll find a small sample of my work as featured both on some of the highest rated dramas on television and some lesser known short films and serials.

A good deal of my most recent work can’t be shown publicly as it hasn’t aired yet, so if you’re a potential employer,

please get in touch and I’ll send you a password to access my private gallery.

  • What the World Needs Now

    Graphic Design

    Poster design for concert featuring the works of Burt Bacharach.

  • The Queen Symphony feat. Gershwin’s Rhapsody in Blue

    Graphic Design

    Poster design for Queen Symphony concert.

  • Buck Warren

    Graphic Design

    Buck Warren Illustration. © BBC / Freemantle Media

  • Cerys Matthews: Live at Brangwyn Hall

    Graphic Design

    Poster design for former Catatonia singer, Cerys Matthews.

  • Hoppy Burrows

    Graphic Design

    Hoppy Burrows Illustration. © BBC / Freemantle Media

  • The Maltese Rabbit

    Graphic Design

    Film Noir Game Poster. © BBC / Freemantle Media

  • Graceful

    Graphic Design

    Magazine design as seen in 'Stella'. © Tidy Productions / Sky1

  • The Chamber of Crowe

    3D, Concept Design, Set Design

    Early concept design created during pre-production on 'Wizards vs Aliens'. © BBC / Freemantle

  • Romeo & Juliete & The Zombie Invasion

    Graphic Design

    Dressing Poster created for 'Wizards vs Aliens' Season One. © BBC / Freemantle

  • Postcards from the Somme

    Graphic Design

    Dressing poster created for 'Wizards vs Aliens' Season One. © BBC / Freemantle

  • Scrum 5

    3D, Concept Design, Set Design

    Digital Set Design concept for BBC Wales's Rugby Talk Show 'Scrum 5'. © BBC Wales Sports

  • Weylines Ship

    3D, Concept Design

    Ship Concept for unmade Sci-fi TV series 'Reteytou: Weylines'. © Dale Jordan Johnson / Approaching Storm Films

  • What Next for the Reichenbach Hero

    Graphic Design

    Illustration drawn for the Season 2 finale episode of 'Sherlock' © BBC / WGBH-TV / HARTSWOOD FILMS

  • Nova Initia – The Wasteland

    Concept Design

    Concept Design for the short film 'Nova Initia', set in the world of online game of the same name. © Dale Jordan Johnson / Nova Initiative

  • Lady Portia Alresford

    Graphic Design

    Photoshop of Lady Portia Alresford (Emilia Fox) for 'Upstairs, Downstairs'. Undoctored photo inset. © BBC / WGBH-TV

  • Nekross Logo

    Graphic Design

    Development of the 'Nekross' logo as seen in 'Wizards vs Aliens'. © BBC / Freemantle

  • Spyder

    Graphic Design

    In-game poster design created for the game 'Nova Initia'. © Dale Jordan Johnson / Nova Initiative

  • Heaven’s Reach


    Belltower of St John's City Parish Church, Cardiff. © Dale Jordan Johnson

  • Death of a Tea Party

    Graphic Design

    Book cover created for 'Dirk Gently'. © BBC

  • Stonescript

    Graphic Design

    Magic Font design for Wizards vs Aliens. © BBC / Freemantle

  • Brimstone Egg

    Concept Design

    Concept of Brimstone Egg for Wizards vs Aliens. © BBC / Freemantle

  • Nekross Console

    Concept Design

    Concept design for Nekross console on Wizards vs Aliens. © BBC / Freemantle

  • Period Matchbox

    Graphic Design

    Period matchbox design created for Upstairs Downstairs. © BBC / WGBH-TV / SWAN

  • Murder at Base Camp

    Graphic Design

    Book cover designs for 'Dirk Gently'. © BBC

  • Casimir Effect

    Set Design

    Production Design for 'Casimir Effect'. © Casimir Productions

  • An Evening of Movies & Musicals

    Graphic Design

    Poster Design for touring concert. © Dale Jordan Johnson / M&M Associate Productions

  • Fractal Flower


    Rotterdam 2007. © Dale Jordan Johnson

  • Tranquilitree


    Rotterdam, 2007. © Dale Jordan Johnson

  • Windfire EX

    3D, Concept Design

    Gatling Gun / Particle Accelerator hybrid concept design created for Chris Roberts' Star Citizen MMO. © Dale Jordan Johnson

  • Sakurasun Logo

    Graphic Design

    Sakurasun Logo Design. © Riverghost Designs

  • Alicia’s Amazing Adventure

    Graphic Design, Video

    Game Animation for Wizards vs Aliens. © BBC / Freemantle

  • Mappa Magicka

    Graphic Design

    Map of the Family of Raven. © BBC / Freemantle Media

  • Millingdale Cathedral

    Graphic Design

    A Cathedral Pamphlet. © BBC / Freemantle Media


My Career

“Wizards vs Aliens” – Art Director


Art Director supervising physical and motion graphics on the third series of CBBC Fantasy Drama, Wizards vs Aliens.

Production Designer: Dafydd Shurmer

Producers:  Derek Ritchie, Phil Ford

Directors: Mark Everest, Lee Haven-Jones

“Tassimo Viral 2014″ – Graphic Artist

Good Egg productions- for Bosch

Working remotely for Good Egg productions, providing period influenced graphic props for use on set.


“Disney in Concert” – Graphic Designer

UK Concerts Ltd

Graphic Designer for the Welsh Premiere of ‘Disney in Concert’.

Narrator: Brian Blessed

Conductor: Richard Balcombe

“Stella” – 3D Artist

Tidy Productions

Provided in-vision animation of a fictional computer game for the third season of the Sky1 comedy, Stella.

Production Designer: Amelia Shankland

Producer: David Peet

“Wizards vs Aliens” – Graphic/Concept Designer

BBC / Freemantle Productions

Graphic and Concept Designer for the Second Season of the Russell T Davies Scifi/Fantasy Adventure.

Production Designer: Ed Turner

Producers: Russell T Davies, Phil Ford, Brian Minchin, Peter Bennet

Directors: Beryl Richards, Mark Everest, Paul Murphy, Joss Agnew


“Gino” – Art Director

Win Money Make Film Productions

Art Director for this short film set during WW2 Italy following the life of Tour Du France winner and resistance figure Gino Bartali

Producer: Chantal Lee Gan

Director: Tom Ludlam

“Postscript” – Set Designer

AM Margerison Productions

Set Designer and creative consultant for this contemporary war drama (short).

Production Designer: Lauren Summers

Producer: Chantal Lee Gan

Director: Ann Marie Margerison

“Scrum 5″ – Set Designer

BBC Wales Sport

Set Designer for Rugby talkshow ‘Scrum 5′, and ‘Match of the Day Wales’.

Production Designer: Arwel Wyn Jones

Producer: Sion Thomas

“Wizards vs Aliens” – Graphic Designer

BBC / Freemantle Productions

Graphic Designer for the first season of the Scifi/Fantasy Adventure series created by Russel T. Davies and Phil Ford.

Production Designer: Arwel Wyn Jones

Producers: Russel T Davies, Bethan Jones, Chapman Maddox, Sander Schwartz

Directors: Daniel O’Hara, Griff Rowland, Joss Agnew


“Upstairs, Downstairs” – Art Department Coordinator


Art Department Coordinator and Additional Graphics for the second season of the BBC / PBS period drama, ‘Upstairs, Downstairs’

Production Designer: Arwel Wyn Jones

Producers: Faith Penhale, Heidi Thomas, Annie Tricklebank

Directors: Mark Jobst, Brendan Maher, Anthony Byrne

“Dirk Gently” – Additional Graphics


Worked remotely with the Art Department in the first season, providing dressing props and in-vision animation.

Production Designer: Amelia Shankland

Producers: Saurabh Kakkar, Brian Minchin, Howard Overman

Director: Tom Shankland

“Sherlock” – Graphic Designer

BBC / WGBH-TV / Hartswood Films

Graphic Designer for the EMMY Award Nominated Season 2 Episode ‘A Scandal In Belgravia’.  Additional Graphics provided for the episode ‘The Reichenbach Fall’.

Production Designer: Arwel Wyn Jones

Producers: Stephen Moffat, Mark Gatiss, Beryl Vertue

Directors: Paul McGuigan, Toby Haynes

“Ruth Jones’ Summer Holiday” – Additional Graphics

Tidy Productions

Provided interview graphics for Ruth Jones’ summer talk show.

Producer: David Peet

University of Glamorgan – Guest Lecturer

University of Glamorgan / University of South Wales

Taught first year Set Design undergraduates the basic principles of AutoCad as used in a TV Art Department.

“The Final Punchline” – Art Director

Seraphim Pictures

Art Director for this inspirational short film.

Producers: Chantal Lee Gan, Daniel Lyddon, James Morgan

Director: Dave Evans

“Ruth Jones’ Easter Treat” – Additional Graphics

Tidy Productions

Provided graphics for interview segments of Ruth Jones’ chat show.

Produced by: David Peet

“Stella” – Graphic Designer

Tidy Productions

Graphic Designer on the first season of the Sky1 commissioned flagship comedy, ‘Stella’.

Production Designer: Amelia Shankland

Producers: David Peet, Lucy Lumsden, Barry Lynch

Directors: Sue Tully, Tony Dow, Juliet May, Sandy Johnson

“Sugartown” – 3D Artist

Shed Media Group

Worked remotely on the second episode of the BBC drama series ‘Sugartown’, modelling and animating a fly-through of the redeveloped town.

Production Designer: Arwel Wyn Jones

Producers: Kate Croft, Susie Liggat, Jodi Reynolds

Director: Christine Gernon


“Nova Initia” – Art Director

Art Director and creative consultant on the postapocalyptic, multiplayer browser based game, ‘Nova Initia’.

Project Lead: Stephen Kraushaar

“The Sparticle Mystery” – Graphic Designer

BBC / Sparticles Productions

Graphic Designer for first season of Children’s Sci-fi/Drama.

Production Designer: Amelia Shankland

Producers: Stephen Smallwood, Alison Hume, Sue Nott

Directors: Jon East, Tim Whitby

“Worm” – Art Director

Sparkler Productions

Art Director on a this contemporary short film shot in and around south Wales.

Producer: Samantha Price

Director: Cyrus Mirzashafa

“Casimir Effect” – Production Designer

Casimir Productions

Production Designer leading a 20 person crew on this low budget Sci-Fi feature film.

Producers: Gareth David Lloyd, Chantal Lee Gan

Directors: Gabriel Strange, Lydia Wood.

“Suitcase” – Art Director

BBC Actor's Studio / Shorthouse Productions

Art Director for this BBC Actor’s Studio Short Drama Film.

Producer: Diane Shorthouse

Director: Delyth Thomas


“Gravity Makes Us Fall” – Assistant Art Director

William Jones Productions

Assistant Art Director and Second Unit Art Director for this ambitious short film shot in Andalucia, Spain.

Producer: William Ben Jones

Director: William Ben Jones

“Ar y Tracs” – Graphic Designer

S4C / Tidy Productions

Graphic Designer for Welsh language TV Movie.

Production Designer: Venita Gribble

Producer: David Peet

Director: Ed Talfan

“Crash” – Graphic Designer

BBC Wales / Red Planet Pictures

Graphic Designer for two seasons of  the hospital drama,  “CRASH”.

Production Designer: Amelia Shankland

Producers: Tony Jordan, Martin Hutchings

Directors: Ashley Way, Gareth Bryn, Dave Evans, Daf Palfrey


Founded ‘Riverghost Designs’

Riverghost Designs founded 10th July 2009


“Lovectomy” – Supervising Art Director

11th Hour Productions

Supervising Art Director of the Royal Television Society Award winning short film, Lovectomy.

Producer: Keiran McGaughey

Director: Rob Godwin

“Escalator” – Set Designer


Set Designer for the Ffresh Award Nominated short film, Escalator.

Producer: Lucy Lawson Duckett

Director: Brennig Hayden

“Everything is Sinister” – Set Designer

Seren Books

Set Designer for Book Promo.

Producer: Andrew Williams

Director: Kai Whitcombe



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2 Sep

Sorry for the lack of update, guys, last few weeks have been pretty crazy so I haven’t gotten around to finish the render, something I’m hoping to remedy tomorrow. What have I been up to?  A lot of driving (couple[...]

12 Aug

I didn’t get quite as much of Nico’s apartment finished today (yesterday as I write this) as I had originally planned; mainly because I’m also in the early stages of moving house, also known as hiding crate-loads of books and[...]

10 Aug

So after the post yesterday I spent about another hour tinkering and finished the day with the attached pic.  Not really any drastic changes; a picture here, a plant there and dressing in the rug helped to unify the scene[...]

9 Aug

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I’m not built for the heat. I like the cold, which granted is also heat and so invalidates my initial statement, but you know what I meant.  30ºC is about 30 degrees above my preferred temperature, give or take a[...]

16 Jul

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This area shows the progress of some of the personal projects I sometimes talk about in my blog.

Nova Initia Movie [NIM]

An animated short film set in a post apocalyptic alien world.

Nova Initia MovieIn Production: Modelling Actors and Environments



A live action short film I’ve written and will be directing in Autumn 2014.

PurgatoryPre-Production: Refining Script and Casting


Project HOWL

A choice based, story-centric sidescrolling video game for iOS and Android.

Project HOWLCreating Art Assets


Broken Sword 3D Render

A 3D render I’ve been working on, on and off, since the start of this blog.

Broken Sword 3D RenderFine Dressing and Final Render

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